6th Mar

Building Work at Beauchamp

As part of the ongoing renovation works scaffolding will be going up by the front door from 6th March 2024. Whilst the builders will aim not to impact on the patient parking area at the front, this may not be possible, so do please consider this when attending for your appointment. 

27th Nov 2023

National Cancer Patient Experience Survey

At the NHS, we want our patients to have the best experience possible and having continuous patient feedback is crucial in helping us deliver what patients want and need. 

The national Cancer Patient Experience Survey (CPES) asks for feedback from cancer patients (16 years and over*), to inform and improve local cancer services across England. Those who were treated for cancer as an inpatient or day-case, and left hospital in April, May or June 2023, will be invited to take part in the survey. 

The survey takes no more than 20 minutes to complete and can be done online, on paper, or over the phone. If you need support completing the survey or need it made available in another language, you can call the free helpline number: 0800 103 2804.  

The NHS and cancer charities use the results to understand what is working well and which areas need improvement. The results enable them to identify national and local priorities and work with patients and partners to deliver change.

The survey is anonymous, and all personal data will be kept safe.

The results of the survey will be available in Summer 2024. 

For more information on the survey and how to access help and support in completing it, please visit

*For those aged 16 and under, feedback is collected via the Under 16 Cancer Patient Experience Survey:

27th Nov 2023

Stop Smoking Service

From 1st December 2023 Beauchamp House will no longer be able to prove a stop smoking service. Please contact your local pharmacist, call 0300 303 9988 ir email 

17th Nov 2023

Urine Samples - important change

There have been important changes made to the way that the surgery now collects in Urine Samples for testing.






Please ensure all samples include full name, date of birth, sample date and time.


Any samples received after 11am


13th Nov 2023

Long Term Condition Process

We have introduced a new annual review recall process.

We hope the new process will be more efficient and less time consuming for patients.

We want to give our patients with Long Term Conditions the best outcomes and guidance that we can. To do this we need to ensure that we have an organised process for reviewing our patients on at least an annual basis.

This new review process provides a better way of reviewing a patients needs, especially for patients who may have more than one Long Term Condition.


What Is a Long Term Condition?

A Long Term Condition includes illnesses such as:

  • Respiratory disease,
  • Heart disease,
  • Stroke,
  • Diabetes,
  • Kidney disease,
  • High blood pressure,
  • Rheumatoid arthritis,
  • Epilepsy,
  • Mental health problems,
  • Other long term health issues that affect the health or lifestyle of a patient.

These conditions require an annual review to ensure that the condition is being managed appropriately (by you the patient and also by us as your healthcare provider), identify any problems or concerns and ensure patients are confident to deal with their condition between reviews.


How Does The Process Work?

Patients with long term conditions will be invited for their annual review within the month of their birthday. Some patients have more than one long term condition. If this is the case, all relevant conditions will be reviewed within the one annual review process. This ensures that you are only attending the surgery when you need to and that we are not asking you to attend the surgery unnecessarily. You will recieve a Text Message/Letter/Phone Call which explains what to do next.

For some conditions, it may be necessary to have more than one appointment, for example, a blood test appointment with the health care assistant (to ensure results are available for the review) and tehn a review with the practice nurse, or in some cases, it may also be necessary to have an appointment with the GP. Most reviews take place with our specialised nursing team who have knowledge and experience of managing long term condition patients.

Some conditons may require an interim review e.g. at six months this will be discussed at the annual review where it is felt to be appropriate.

We hope you find this new process straight forward and easy to use. If you have any questions with regard the annual review process, please do not hesitate to contact us. As this is a new process, we would appreciate any feedback on how the system works for you or if you didn't hear from us, please contact the surgery on 01245 265522 if you have any of the conditions listed above.

13th Nov 2023

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