Clinics We Offer

Our specialist clinics are mostly run by our own nurses who have specific and ongoing training in that particular area.


Antenatal care

GP consultations are provided in normal surgery time. Care is shared with midwives and with the ante-natal unit at the local hospital.


Asthma appointments can be made with the trained Asthma Nurse.  They offer regular and thorough assessment of the condition and medication.


COPD clinics are open to those on the relevant disease register. They offer regular and thorough assessment of the condition and medication, including spirometry where necessary.

Cervical Smears

These should be booked with a trained nurse in preference to using doctor's appointments.


Child Development & Immunisation

These are multidisciplinary involving doctors and nurses. Health Visitors are off site and can be contacted on 0300 247 0014.

Contraceptive Services

Appointments can be made with our Family Planning Nurses, who can advise on all available methods.  The GPs provide a service for the fitting and removal of both intrauterine devices and contraceptive implants.

Diabetes Checks

Annual physical assessments are done by our health care assistants(HCA). Patients are invited to book appointments in the month of their birth. This is just a physical check as our HCAs are not trained to give medical advice regarding diabetes. Your care is overseen by the GP in cooperation with the hospital clinics where applicable.


UTI Clinic

Are you an adult with cystitis symptoms? If yes, please complete this questionnaire and hand it in with a urine sample (in a labelled, small and closed container) at reception between 8am and 11am. Please do NOT hand the sample to reception staff but place in the designated receptacle.  A nurse will then contact you later that day. Any samples left after 11am will be destroyed. 

Smoking Cessation

You can seek guidance and support to five up smoking from the 'No Smoking Advisors Team'.  You can contact the team on 0800 085 2113 (free phone).  Alternatively you can get advice from visiting this website

We also offer smoking cessation appointments here at Beauchamp House, please call the surgery to make an appointment with our Health Care Assistant Victoria.